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Common difference between high pressure common rail test bench and injection pump test bench
Jun 11, 2018

The difference between high pressure common rail test bench and high pressure fuel injection pump test bench mainly lies in the difference between common rail system and diesel injection system. The common rail system differs from the diesel injection system previously driven by a camshaft. The common rail diesel injection system completely separates the injection pressure generation and the injection process from each other. The solenoid valve controlled injector replaces the traditional mechanical injector. The fuel pressure in the fuel rail is generated by a radial piston high pressure pump. The pressure is independent of the engine speed and can be freely set within a certain range. . The fuel pressure in the common rail is controlled by an electromagnetic pressure regulating valve, and continuous pressure adjustment is performed according to the working requirements of the engine. The electronic control unit acts on the pulse signal on the solenoid valve of the injector to control the fuel injection process. The amount of fuel injection depends on the oil pressure in the fuel rail and the length of the solenoid valve opening time, and the liquid flow characteristics of the injector. Fuel injection pressure is an important indicator for diesel engines because it is linked to engine power, fuel consumption, and emissions.

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