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Do you understand the characteristics of high pressure common rail test rigs?
Jun 11, 2018

The use of high-pressure common-rail test rigs on engines such as the automotive industry may be relatively high. Knowing products through inspection of oil pressure, etc., is a type of equipment that is often used in the testing industry, so the points of concern are relatively large. .

As the saying goes, we must know each other well and know that we can achieve victories. We understand the characteristics of the equipment and some methods of operation can be used in the later use of their own views and proficiency. Our company specializes in producing dynamic universal balance machine tester, drive shaft balancer, injection pump test stand, fuel injector test stand, high pressure common rail test bench. Our products are widely used in dynamic balance testing of various types of mechanical rotors, car warranty Large and medium-sized maintenance outlets and injection pump nozzle manufacturers, such as engine maintenance, construction machinery, and shipbuilding machinery, have comprehensive economic efficiency indicators ranking the forefront of the industry in the country. We are constantly making progress and we want to achieve better results to repay the community!

The high-pressure common-rail test rig introduced to everyone that some “high pressure” means that the fuel injection system is more than 1 times higher than conventional diesel engines, and the atomization effect is good under high pressure conditions, which will improve our overall operation and save fuel. . The “common rail” is simply the same as its literal meaning. It is supplied through the public oil supply pipeline, so that the operation of the machine is stable and normal. We cooperate with each other and provide our equipment with efficient and stable possibilities.

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