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Injection pump test bench can optimize the overall performance of diesel engine
Jun 11, 2018

The injection pump test bench means that the fuel injection system pressure is 1.1 times higher than that of a conventional diesel engine, and the maximum energy can reach 145 MPa. The pressure is large and the atomization is fully burned, thereby improving the dynamic performance and ultimately achieving the purpose of fuel economy.

The injection pump test bench is controlled by the solenoid valve to control fuel injection. The control precision is high. Bubbles and residual pressure will not appear in the high-pressure oil circuit. Therefore, within the operating range of the diesel engine, there is little change in the cyclic fuel injection quantity. Non-uniformity of oil can be improved, thereby reducing diesel engine vibration and reducing emissions. The fuel injection pump test rig is supplied with each fuel injector at the same time through the common oil supply pipe. The fuel injection quantity is accurately calculated by the ECU. At the same time, the fuel of the same quality and the same pressure is supplied to each fuel injector to make the engine run more smoothly, thereby optimizing the diesel engine. Comprehensive performance.

The main purpose of the injection pump test bench is to completely separate the injection pressure generation and injection process from each other, and to achieve precise control of the oil pressure in the common rail tube, so that the pressure of the high pressure fuel tube is basically independent of the engine speed.

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