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What are the factors that affect the injector fuel injection?
Jun 11, 2018

The amount of fuel injection is controlled by the computer. According to various operating parameters of engine intake, speed, throttle opening, water temperature and air inlet temperature measured by various sensors, the computer is calculated according to the set program, and the electric pulse is sent to the injector according to the calculation results, and the duration of each injector is controlled by changing the width of each electric pulse. In order to achieve the purpose of controlling the injection volume, the larger the width of the electric pulse, the longer the duration of the fuel injection, the greater the fuel injection volume. The engine operates under different working conditions and has different requirements for the mixed gas concentration literature and art newspaper, especially in some special working conditions (such as start, rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, etc.), which have special requirements for the concentration of mixed gas. The computer should control the amount of fuel injection and fuel injection according to the operating conditions measured by the sensor. The control methods can be roughly divided into start-up control, operation control, oil cut control and feedback control. 1, when the start of the injection control is started, the engine is driven by the starting machine. Because the speed is very good, the fluctuation of the speed is very large, so the air flow meter has a great error. Based on this reason, the computer does not use the air flow meter signal to calculate the amount of fuel injection when the engine starts. Fuel injection control is carried out according to the pre given startup program. The computer determines whether the engine is in the starting state according to the start switch and the signal people of the speed sensor to determine whether the fuel injection is controlled according to the starting program. When the start switch is connected and the engine speed is lower than 300R/MIN, the computer determines the engine. In the startup state, the fuel injection is controlled according to the startup program. In the starting fuel injection control program, the computer calculates a fixed amount of fuel injection according to the engine water temperature, the intake temperature and the starting speed, which can make the engine get the concentrated mixture required for the smooth start of the engine.

When the cold car starts, the engine temperature is very low and the fuel injection into the inlet is not easy to evaporate. In order to produce enough fuel vapor to form a sufficient concentration of combustible mixture to ensure that the engine can start at low temperature, it is necessary to increase the amount of fuel injection, the motive of different models, and increase the fuel injection at the start of the cold car. The method is not the same. Generally, the following two methods are adopted. (1) through the cold start injector and the cold start temperature opening and controlling the cold start and concentration, this control mode is installed a cold start injector in the middle position of the intake manifold or the power cavity in the middle position of the intake manifold or the power chamber. A part of the cold car starts the required additional fuel. The work of the cold start injector is controlled by the cold start temperature switch, and the cold start temperature switch is installed on the waterway of the cylinder body. The shape is similar to the water temperature sensor. There is a double metal sheet and a pair of contacts outside the electric heat wire inside, and the cold start temperature switch is close and cold when the water temperature is low. Starting with the injection of the electromagnetic coil, the needle valve is opened, the spray fuel is injected into the inlet, and this part of the added fuel is mixed with the air in the intake pipe, and through the intake manifold, the fuel enters the cylinder with the fuel injected into the injector of each cylinder. The cold start injector is continuously ejected during the injection, and the cold start temperature switch can limit the injection duration of the cold start injector according to the engine temperature at start. After the engine is started, the two sets of electric heating wire and electricity are heated to open the contact point after the heat is bent and cut off the electricity of the cold start injector. In the engine operation, the electric heating wire 2 of the cold start temperature switch keeps the electricity, so that the contacts controlled by the bimetallic chip are in a stable disconnection state.

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