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What is a high pressure common rail test bench
Jun 11, 2018

The high pressure common rail test rig is composed of a high pressure fuel pump, a common rail, an injector, and an electronic control unit and a variety of sensors for controlling these components. A common feature of the high pressure common rail test rig is that there is a common high pressure fuel accumulator called common rail.

The high pressure common rail test rig uses the pump control valve to change the oil output of the high pressure fuel pump to control the common rail pressure, and the common rail pressure is adjusted according to the value determined by the engine load and the speed. The pump control valve is combined with the fuel pressure sensor to carry out closed loop control of common rail pressure. The high pressure common rail test bench is only responsible for providing high pressure fuel to the accumulator, and is not responsible for controlling fuel quantity and fuel injection timing. The task of managing fuel pressure and delivering fuel to each cylinder is accomplished through common rail. In this way, the fuel injection process can be controlled by the pressure generation and the fuel delivery process; the fuel quantitative control and injection timing control can be more flexible and free.

Compared with other fuel injection systems, the high pressure common rail test-bed has full electronic and flexible control on the fuel quantity and injection timing; the shape of the injection law curve can be adjusted freely, and the optimized injection pressure control can reach 1800bar.

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