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Characteristics, Maintenance And Maintenance Of Common Rail Injector Test Stand
Jun 11, 2018

1.1 Product Features

1. Support high-speed solenoid valve common-rail injectors at the same time, and support the third-generation piezoelectric high-pressure common rail common-rail injector;

2, 6-channel common rail injectors;

3, support a variety of rail pressure sensors;

4, intelligent PID algorithm, pressure control more accurate;

5, short-circuit protection of hardware and software in two aspects, the machine is more reliable;

6. Multiple language choices, Chinese/English/Russian;

7, security protection design to prevent operators from misuse, use more secure.

1.2 About Security

To ensure safe operation, follow these rules:

1. During operation of the controller, the operator should wear safety glasses;

2, using a separate dedicated socket and reliable grounding. The power cord of the controller is a three-wire plug, which is connected with a standard three-wire socket. Please ensure reliable grounding.

3, if the power supply voltage is not stable, the controller should be connected to the power regulator;

4, regular inspection of the AC power cord is damaged, and power plugs or power outlets have no dust accumulation;

5. If the controller has abnormal conditions, or emits abnormal sound or odor, or the controller is too hot to touch, stop using it immediately and unplug the AC power cord plug and all other cables from the power socket.

6. If the controller fails, please contact the after-sales service personnel to get the necessary help;

1.3 Use and Maintenance

1. Do not throw, drop or step on the controller to prevent the controller from being impacted by strong external forces;

2. Do not insert foreign objects into the connector part of the controller.

3, Do not send water or other liquids into the controller or the controller;

4. Do not touch the AC power cord terminal with wet hands;

5, Do not allow dust or foreign objects to accumulate around the terminals of the AC power supply. Dust and foreign matter accumulating on the AC terminals may cause fire or electric shock.

6, please avoid stepping on or squeezing the AC power cord;

7. Unplug the power cord when cleaning the controller.

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