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Injection Pump Test Bench Test Table Use Matters Needing Attention
Jun 11, 2018

1. During operation of the controller, the operator should wear safety glasses;

2, using a separate dedicated socket and a reliable grounding. The power cord of the controller is a three-wire plug, which is connected with a standard three-wire socket. Please ensure reliable grounding.

3. If the power supply voltage is not stable, connect the controller to the power regulator.

4, regular inspection of the AC power cord is damaged, and the power plug or power outlet dust accumulation;

5. If the controller has abnormal conditions, or sends an abnormal sound or odor, or the controller is too hot to touch, stop using it immediately and unplug the AC power cord plug and all other cables from the power socket.

6. If the controller fails, please contact the after-sales service personnel to get the necessary help.

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