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Type Of Injection Pump Test Bench
Jun 11, 2018

The fuel injection pump is like the heart of a diesel engine, and its performance directly affects the performance of the diesel engine. The technical state of the fuel injection pump test rig determines the technical state of the fuel injection pump that has been debugged by it. To ensure the perfect technical state of the fuel injection pump test rig, such as the stability of the spindle speed, the accuracy of the instrument indication, the accuracy of the injection metering, the reliability of the fuel purification, and the consistency of the integrated flow of the high-pressure oil pipe, the nozzle body, the nozzle and the spray nozzle and the mist reducer under various working conditions. The main way to improve the quality of high injection pump is to improve the dynamic and economic indexes of diesel engine. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the failure of the injection pump test bed in time so as to keep the injection pump test bench in good technical condition, and do not allow the injection pump test bench to carry the disease.

Type 1. Type of fuel injection pump test rig

China has developed the fuel injection pump test rig in 1970s, and 5 series have been formed so far, which basically meet the market selection of various diesel engine injection pump test rig. At present, there are 5 series of fuel injection pump test rig in China, which can be divided into five types according to their speed regulation types: (1) the injection pump test rig of the DC motor SCR stepless speed regulation system, such as the 12PSD series injection pump test rig produced by the electrical control equipment factory of Fuzhou University. The test-bed has the characteristics of low noise, high output power, hard mechanical characteristics, stable operation and so on. It has greatly improved the experimental efficiency by adjusting the speed of rotating speed; secondly, it adopts the AC variable frequency stepless speed regulation system (abbreviated frequency conversion speed regulation) injection pump test rig, and (3) the test rig of the electro-magnetic differential clutch speed control system (for short slip type) injection pump; 4. (5) the test bed of the fuel injection pump with mechanical transmission has been phased out.

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